No one else
will do it for you
No one else
will do it for you

We will teach you to focus your attention on your body and your breath.

Control your centre and embrace your uniqueness.  

What is Pilates?

Resistance Training in a nutshell.  Come and try it. I’m sure its nothing like what you imagine.

What are your goals in relation to the Pilates benefits below?

ConcentrationStimulates the brain
BreathDecreases stress
ControlCorrects posture
FlowIncreases flexibility
CenteringIncreases your body awareness and control
PrecisionImproves, balance, strength and muscle tone


Class Types

A wide variety of classes, catering to different needs and wants.

Private Groups

Pilates with friends,
family or co-workers.

Personal Training

Get one on one pilates training with your instructor. Just you and your goals.

“It’s the mind itself which shapes the body”

~ Joseph Pilates

Don't Delay


"Everyone is the architect of their own happiness"

~ Joseph Pilates

No one will do it for you

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